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Dear Sanford Creek Elementary Families,

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you the next step in my personal and professional career.  Over the winter break I will be moving to Indianapolis, Indiana to be with my husband where he has been working for the last 6 months. I will also begin a new journey in my career as the Eastern Area Academic Improvement Officer with Indianapolis Public Schools.  This is an exciting opportunity for me and my family yet I am still humbled as I transition 6 years of work with Sanford Creek Elementary and 17 years of Wake County Public Schools System.

I have had the distinct pleasure of serving you as principal at Sanford Creek Elementary since February 2009 (one month short of 6 full years).  Serving as principal at such a distinguished school has been the unquestioned highlight of my career.  Together, we have worked for the benefit of our students. 

  • Academically, our students met or exceeded growth every year.  Our 3rd-5th grade EOG Performance Composite Scores have increased over time changing our status of 74.8% School of Progress to 83.4% School of Distinction. As we enter our second year of a new EOG test, we now have a new foundational level to build upon and once again increase scores and resulting in a higher school status. 
  • From a character standpoint, we have built a behavior incentive program (PBIS) that celebrates the great choices our students make each day.  Over the years we’ve earned the PBIS Award of Excellence and Bronze School Award for Healthy Schools.
  • From a 21st century standpoint, we have seen Sanford Creek transform from opening in 2007 with classroom libraries and only 5 SMART boards to now all 37 classrooms having a SMART board, laptop, projector and document camera.  We have a wireless notebook cart and printers for every grade level. We also secured Ipads for every teacher and Ipads for our students in Kindergarten, 1st grade, English as a Second Language and some Special Education departments. 

We started the journey of bringing opportunities to our students to expose them to what lies ahead in their future.  As students continue to grow and results increase, we must remember that student success in education are not just an EOG test score or simply making it to graduation but instead it is watching them strive for school community opportunities that will make them successful leaders.

Thank you.  This school community is an incredible place, and I am humbled to have had the opportunity to serve you for 6 years.  I will embrace the opportunities for our paths to cross again because North Carolina is and will always be home, home, home.  Continue to push your children to set high personal goals, to be a person of great character, and to put forth their personal best every day.  Our children will do great things in life! 


Dr. Ve-Lecia Council-Barnes